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Larry D. Sims is a

Preacher, Singer/Psalmist, Author, Radio Personality, Actor, Conference/Motivational Speaker

& Empowerment Coach...


About Larry D. Sims

Apostle Larry D. Sims is a New Generation Apostle called to touch the nations of the Earth with a message of Hope, Healing and Deliverance through the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Though a young man on fire for God, he makes no apologies for the anointing that rest on his life. He has been Singing, Preaching and Teaching the uncompromising unadulterated word of God for more than 20 years.

Apostle L. D. Sims is an author, ordained minister, duly consecrated Bishop and a Affirmed Apostle & Prophet. He has had the opportunity to travel and minister across the United States and abroad. He also has the distinct honor to be a part of a number of organizations and sit on various boards and committees, past and presently.

Apostle Sims currently travels as a Conference Speaker, Singer/Psalmist and Christian Comedian. He is married to his wife of ten years, Minister Adrean Sims.

Through his entrepreneurial venture, KingdomSystic, LLC., he is a web designer, media/marketing strategist and empowerment coach.

Presently, Apostle Sims is working on a number of projects to expand his ministry and bless the Kingdom of God.

Apostle Sims’ one desire is to please God while helping someone find Christ. He says if he had a choice and could only do one thing for the rest of his life it would be to live holy while preaching and singing about Jesus to the lost, broken and hurting.


Thirsty Thursdays


Apostle Larry D. Sims

"The Real Life" Preacher

Thirsty Thursdays with Apostle Larry Sims are motivational moments that empower, encourage, engage and inspire viewers  to become all that God has created them to be and do all that God has ordained for them to do!

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