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"Fellowship without Bondage... Unity Without Compromise"

About LFI

Kingdom Dominion Covenant Fellowship

What Is Life Fellowship International?


Life Fellowship Intenational is an International Kingdom Focused Network of Christian believers intertwined together for the purpose of building the Kingdom of God and strengthening the body of Christ. It is our desire to build a network of Ministers, Business Owners, Pastors, Churches, Evangelistic Ministries, Christian Organizations and Everyday Christian Believers who are committed to partnering resources together, so that we can all achieve our goals, fulfill our destiny, and impact the World with the Saving Power of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


Why Was Life Fellowship Established?


Life Fellowship International was established to help equip and empower believers. We are not another organization just for Pastors and Churches. Life Fellowship Intenational is a network for everyone, whether you are a Minister, Pastor, Business Owner, Singer, Dancer or just a person who loves the Lord. Also Churches, Ministries, Businesses and Christian Organizations are welcome to be apart.


You DO NOT have to give up your individuality or leave your current organization to be apart of Life Fellowship International. Though we do offer covering for those who desire and need it, it is not required to join. Our main focus is Networking and Kingdom Empowerment.


We are not into building numbers. We want all of our network members operating in Excellence and in Power. We offer training sessions to empower people in their area of ministry whether they are ministers, business owners or just a church member. There are many unlearned people operating in the body of Christ. Some of this is because teaching was not offered to them and others because they rejected the teaching. However, Life Fellowship International desires to be the example of how “Truth and Righteousness” is to be.


It is our goal to mimic what the body of Christ and the Kingdom of God should look like. We make the decision not to let anything separate us. Though we may have some differences in opinion, it should not keep us from fellowshipping and helping our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. It is our belief that you can not convert someone that you will not embrace. The bible says, “Love covers a multitude of faults,” but it seems that we have let the faults determine our Love. Though we may have many differences our common denominator is Jesus Christ.


It is the vision of our Founder, Apostle Dr. Larry D. Sims, to Love everybody into the Kingdom of God. Jesus said, By this shall all men know that you are my disciples, because you have Love for the brothers.

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