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About Oasis-LYFE

The Place Where LYFE Begins...

Our Leadership


Our Outreach

Who We Are...

LYFE Outreach is a vision given to Apostle Larry D. Sims in conjunction with Oasis LYFE Church to empower people to live their best life through the Loving and Saving Power of Jesus Christ. LYFE Outreach promotes the True Love of Christ through its various programs and services.


LYFE Outreach extends beyond the four walls of the church in the communities it serves. We endeavor to minister to the whole man: Mind, Body and Soul and to the whole family. This is done through our various programs, partnerships and outreaches.


What We Do…

LYFE Outreach serves the people in our community through various programs and partnerships. We give food, clothing, hygiene products and more to minister to the physical needs of people. On the spiritual side, we offer bible studies both corporate and individual studies. In the spring and summer months we plan various outreach crusades to minister Christ to the lost.


Where we are going...

We are currently looking to acquire a facility that will allow us to:

  • Offer training classes to teach bible studies and life building skills.

  • Offer tutorial programs for youth and those aspiring to get their GED.

  • Offer various support groups for help and accountability.

  • House a clothing bank and food pantry. 

  • House a Computer lab for students/adults who need computer internet access for school and/or job searching needs.

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