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Our Church & Ministry

Oasis Life Center Church also known as LYFE Outreach is a local church ministry for like-minded Christ-centered believers to come together for the purpose of fellowship, Instruction and Empowerment. We are NOT exclusive. We are a multicultural multifaceted ministry accepting of all who believe in the Power and Truth of God’s Holy Word, adhere to our tenets of faith and express a desire to be a part of our family.


Oasis Life Center Church, International, “LYFE Outreach” was birthed out of the heart of Apostle Larry D. Sims and the mandate given to him by God to Free, Equip and Empower believers to live their best and fullest life.


On Monday April 29, 2019 the Lord spoke to Apostle Sims and gave him the name, L.Y.F.E. This is an acronym for Living Your Faith Everyday. It is our desire to equip and empower people to live a free and productive life in Christ Everyday! It is our belief and teaching that Christ is not looking for Perfect People, but rather people who are Real about themselves and committed to follow His plan to become who He created them to be.


We are a ministry of Grace and Truth; however, we do not accept, condone or endorse sin. We encourage all believers to strive to live a holy and righteous lifestyle that is pleasing to God and in accordance to the Holy Scriptures through the Holyspirit.


We are a Apostolic, Prophetic Five-fold Ministry that flows in the gifts of the spirit, including Healing and Deliverance.



Oasis LYFE worship is Free and Spirit-led. You can run, jump, dance, cry, laugh or just sit and take it all in. We do NOT promote conformity, but rather Transformation. We desire each individual to have their own encounter/experience with God. You’re free to worship your way as you are engaged by God through the Holyspirit.


Whether you dress up, dress down or just get dressed, Oasis Life Center Church is a place you can have your own experience with God without being judged and criticized. You can be comfortable being you on the journey to be the better you God predestined you to be.


LYFE outreach extends beyond the four walls of the church through our various outreaches and programs to serve our members and the community at large. It is our desire to fulfill the Great Commission which instructs us to Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. We want everyone to have an opportunity to experience Christ even if they choose not too.


Oasis-LYFE Vision (At a Glance) 

It is the vision of Oasis Life Center Church, International “Life Outreach” to establish a ministry center that will facilitate programs, services and the mission of Oasis LYFE. We will establish local ministry centers that will house our tutorial programs, LYFE Groups, LYFE Builder Classes, School of Ministry, Food & Clothing Bank, weekly services and more.


Oasis-LYFE  Mission 

It is the mission of Oasis Life Center Church, International “Life Outreach” to provide a safe, healthy and productive environment for believers and non-believers to come and learn about Christ. We strive to be an incubator to help people achieve success in their everyday life through Christ.


About Oasis-LYFE

The Place Where LYFE Begins...

We Are...

Loving - Encouraging   Edifying - Empowering

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