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"Fellowship without Bondage... Unity Without Compromise"

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These are just a few of the commonly asked Questions in which we are asked. If you have a question that is not listed above, fill free to contact our office : (256) 654-0160. This list will be updated periodically as we see new questions come.

  • What is the difference between your Organization and others that are out there?
    First, we are not a typical fellowship organization in the sense you pay dues/fees and attend one or two yearly events. We are geared and equipped to serve the entire body of Christ from Pastors, Ministers, Churches, Evangelistic Ministries, Businesses and Everyday Christians. We are not just for Pastors and congregations. We seek to strengthen the Body of Christ as a whole by offering various programs and services.
  • Is this a Legal Organization?
    Yes we are. We are currently a legal non-profit organization, chartered under Life Church HSV, Inc. We have and can exercise any and all right as any other Non-profit Organization such as Billy Graham Ministries and/or Binny Hinn Ministries.
  • Do I have to be a Pastor to be apart of Life Fellowship, International?
    No you do NOT have to be a pastor to be apart of LFI. We are a network for everyone in the body of Christ regardless of race, gender, denomination or social status.
  • Why do I need Recommendations to be a part of Life Fellowship, International?
    We have many people from around the country and the world applying for membership, Licensing, Ordination, covering and more. If we waited until we got to know each individual and ministry personally it would take months, even years to approve one applicant. By your submitting the recommendations of your colleagues and peers it helps us to get to know more about you so that we can speed the process of your application and get you on to doing what you love to do which is doing the work of the Lord whether in business or ministry.
  • Am I required to pay tithes to Life Fellowship International?
    NO you are not! We do ask those who are under our spiritual covering to pay tithes, but individuals who are members of local churches should pay there tithes to that local assembly. However, we do ask that you sow a monthly love gift of no set amount to LFI to help in the running of the network so that we can advance and expand as God leads.
  • What is the age limit to apply to Life Fellowship, International?
    We do not have a set age limit at this time. However anyone under the age of 18 MUST have parental consent and be under pastoral oversight with a local ministry in your local area.
  • Why do I have Pay to be Licensed and/or Ordained?
    You are not actually paying for the licensing/ordination. We are a non-profit organization that operates solely on the free-will offerings and love gifts given by our partners and sponsors. We try to be here 24 hours a day 7 days a week to serve you and your needs. We have to have phone lines, a place to operate from, internet access to maintain online dealings, proper equipment such as computers, printers, office supplies, etc. And all of this cost money. We have yearly conferences that we sponsor that are very costly and we have to have staff to do the work that needs to be done. So your donation goes for those causes.
  • Can I start a church through Life Fellowship, International?
    Yes you can. Being ordained with LFI gives you the legal ability to start a local church and you will have the right to perform all pastoral duties. We also assist with church planting. Contact our office for more.
  • Can I be licensed/Ordained through Life Fellowship, International and be a member of a local church outside of Life Fellowship, International or even be apart of another organization?
    Yes you can. If your local pastor or organization allows you to be a part of outside organizations, we welcome you to join our network family.
  • Why should I be Ordained?
    Though we know as Christians our approval and release comes from God, but man sometimes needs to see written tangible proof of your acceptance into the ministry. So because of this we must go through the process of getting that release on paper in the form of Licenses, Ordination & Consecration certificates. Some states and counties will not allow you to perform ecumenical services such as weddings and funerals with out filing with your local county clerk’s office.
  • I am a woman, Can I be ordained as a minister in Life Fellowship, International?"
    Yes you can. We are a ministry that feels God calls men as well as women. We are not one to judge whether or not God can call someone or not. As long as you have the biblical attributes and the fruit of your said office we will accept you.
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