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"Fellowship without Bondage... Unity Without Compromise"

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Benefits of LFI

How Can Life Fellowship, International Benefit Me?

Life Fellowship, International cannot promise you fame and stardom. But we can promise you that we will do all that we can to help provide you with the resources that you need to help propel you in to your destiny.


It is our desire to build a multifaceted network branching into a wide range of areas such as Music, Ministry, TV, Radio, Sports, Business Franchises, Fashion, Motivational speaking, Construction, Medical, law, and much more.  You name it; we want to have access to it in some way. And what that does is give our affiliates, partners and members access to these resources. So if you are a aspiring singer and we have a production studio we will offer those services to you free of charge or at a discounted rate because you are apart of the network. Perhaps you are trying to start a prison ministry, what the network does is introduces you to someone who already has experience in that area so they can help coach you through it and point you in the right direction.


We have a interactive website and we are in the process of building online communities that will have many resources to help you. You will have the opportunity to network with people from all over the world which can open many doors for expansion in your area of work and ministry.  


The primary benefit of Life Fellowship, International is that you do not have to stand alone as you are walking in and living out your destiny. You will have a support system that is praying for you and there to help you every step of the way. We are a family and good families stick together.

Benefits Include:

*Ministry Discounts on LFI Ministry Products, Services and Conference fees.


*Unconditional Love and Support from leadership and your LFI family


*Fellowship with like believers


*Growth of your Ministry and/or Business through networking opportunities


*Covenant Relationships and Partnerships




*Empowering Conferences, Crusades and Seminars




*Accountability and Dependability 


*Ministry Covering


*Watchcare & Church Placement for those in search of a Local Place of Worship


*Help and Assistance (as available)


*Ministerial Credentialing (Licensing & Ordination)


*Ministry and Church Charters


*Incorporation and 501 (c)3 Preparation Assistance


*Leadership Development & Advancement


*Certification of Church Workers

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