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The Place Where LYFE Begins...

Service Times & Locations

Sunday Empowerment Experience

1st, 3rd & 5th Sundays 

@ 5:00pm CST


Noon-Day Encounter

@ 12:00pm CST

Thursday Night Encounter

@ 7:00pm CST

Our Location:
1808 11th St. SE
Decatur, AL 35601

Let Us Know When You're Coming...  |  Tel: 256-345-8754

What to Expect

At Oasis LYFE we seek to create an inviting experience that fosters a desire to seek a greater encounter with God. We seek to have services and programs that Encourage, Empower and Impact attendees and participants.

We desire to be a Safe Judgement Free Zone where people can come and grow in God at whatever pace they and God choose. We teach and preach the Uncompromising Word of God; however, it is never to condemn or judge anyone. If in listening to the word and having the God encounter you feel convicted, we encourage you to embrace the work of the Lord through the Holyspirit and seek to make the adjustments He (God) is asking of you.

If at anytime you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us and ask.


Though we strive to be a Judgement free, we cannot control what others say and do. The church is not a place for perfect people. As the scripture says, "He which is whole does not need a physician." We all have flaws and issues. It is the desire, goal and mission of our Senior Pastor/Apostle to make sure EVERYONE feels and is SAFE when at Oasis LYFE.


Though we give everyone space to grow and mature, bullying, backbiting and condemning will NOT be tolerated. So if you encounter this, before you leave and disconnect we ask that you give us a chance to address and correct the issue.

Our Worship

Our Worship Encounter is typically

around 90 minutes; however, we do not enforce a time restraint nor do we

seek to prolong the encounter any

longer than necessary. It is our desire

that the Will of the Father is done and

each attendee receives what they need from the Lord.

Our Worship Style is Diverse...

Our Praise & Worship is Partly Contemporary, Partly Traditional and Highly Prophetic.

There is something for Everyone!

We Clap, Cry, Dance, Laugh,Run, Shout and move however the Spirit moves us! You're Free to express yourself as the Spirit of the Lord moves you.

Our only requirement is, let all things be done decently and in order.

How Should I Dress...

We Dress in...

Jeans & Tees

Suits & Ties

Dresses & Hats

Sneakers & Heels

The Preacher might wear a Robe or Clergy Shirt


Come comfortable and Dressed

But Most Importantly...


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