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The Long Awaited Literary Release from Larry D. Sims

The Power To Become!




TPTB 3D Cover.jpg

Success is not for the fainthearted. But if you’re ready, this book can definitely help get you on your way. Being successful requires you to throw off old ways of thinking and being, stop making excuses, embrace your life experiences and become confident (not cocky) about the abilities, gifts, and talents the Lord has bestowed upon you in order to carry out your dreams, goals, aspirations, and ultimately HIS will for your life. By walking through these pages—and doing the work—you will gain a closer understanding of the things that have been stopping you from achieving your goals. You’ll be surprised to learn that you’re probably the biggest obstacle to not having achieved your purpose thus far. Fair warning, it isn’t a book for people who want to stay stuck. However, it is a direct, purposeful, practical way to help you gain “The Power To Become.”

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